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The Dogwood Spread

Just get fed!

(whole tables only y'all)

kick back, relax and let us rustle up our favourites - all served family-style to share, giving you more time to concentrate on the drinks!

Buffalo Wings
Smoked Pork Croquettes
Chili-Cheese Fries

Main Course:
Southern Fried Chicken w/ Ranch
Brined, Pressed Pork Belly
Sliced Tri-Tip Steak w/ Herb Salt
Creamy Dogwood Slaw
Mac ‘n Cheese

$40 p/h mains only (includes fries)
$55 p/h entrees & mains

All groups of 10 and over will be required to dine from the Dogwood spread menu on Friday and Saturday nights (with consideration towards guests with dietary requirements of course)

Snacks & Sharing

Buffalo Tofu (3pcs)12

silky tofu bites rolled in tortilla flour & panko, then coated in buffalo wing sauce. perfect if you like chickens ‘cause they’re fluffy
extra pcs for $3 each

Smoked Pork Croquettes (3pcs)15

hand rolled shredded Dogwood rib-meat, mexican cheese & pickled jalapeños w/ louisiana remoulade. trust us, just get ’em!
extra pcs for $4 each

Baja Fish Tacos 7 ea

marinated and beer battered white fish on soft tortillas w/ iceberg lettuce, charred corn salsa & fresh pico de gallo
df option

Buffalo Wings ( 1 lb . )20

a dogwood favourite! crispy fried & doused in the original buffalo wing sauce, served w/ blue cheese dressing & celery
gf option

Chili-Cheese Fries18

a basket of fun, drowned in smoky campfire beans w/ beef and pork & our house-made 3 cheese sauce. get ready to fight over ‘em!

Black Bean Vegetarian option $16

Burgers & Friends

all served w/ seasoned crinkle cut fries & dipping sauces. swap fries for onion rings for an extra $3

Fish Fillet Sandwich25

served on a brioche bun, our super moist marinated white fish fillet is crumbed w/corn chips, topped w/ slaw, diced tomato & a peppery ranch-style tartare dressing

Burnt-Ends Brisket Sandwich26

served on a brioche bun, our honey mustard marinated burnt ends are topped w/ cheese, pickles & tangy bbq-style red slaw
coeliac safe option

Dogwood Deluxe 26

our custom made 1/4 lb. beef patty plus lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese & streaky bacon w/ aioli & Dogwood ketchup
coeliac safe option, df option

Pork Sandwich24

12 hour slow roasted pork shoulder in a rich marinade of apple and bell peppers. shredded and crammed on a bun at 150g, served w/ a smear of chipotle mayo & our Dogwood-style red slaw.
gf* option, coeliac safe option, df option

Betty White26

just like its namesake, this burger is the GOAT. our custom made patty w/ streaky bacon, cheese, caramelised onions, aioli & house made Dogwood bbq on a brioche bun.
feel free to make it bigger – an extra patty, bacon & cheese is just $10
coeliac safe option, df option

The T.G.I.N.M. Veg Burger22

house-made rosti style patty - sweet potato, black bean & roasted red peppers, spiced w/ sumac, turmeric & cumin. served on a brioche bun with quick pickled cucumber, red onion, cheese, & chipotle mayo. TGINM? Thank God It’s Not a Mushroom burger...
v, coeliac safe option, df option


Hungarian-style Beef Goulash35

our rich paprika, red pepper & slow-cooked beef goulash is served alongside pan-fried gnocchi w/ sour cream and chives. as comforting as a hug from your bubbe
df option

Acadian Pork Belly38

inspired by the original french settlers later known as “cajuns” our rindless pork belly is brined with mustard seeds and slow roasted for 12 hours. served w/ a white bean & cauliflower purée, roasted baby truss tomatoes, broad beans and a caramelised leek & white wine reduction
coeliac safe

Fried Chicken Dinner32

brined, buttermilk soaked & coated in seasoned flour, our crispy, juicy southern-fried chicken tenders are served w/ ranch dressing, creamy Dogwood slaw and a cornbread muffin with maple butter, plus your choice of fries or onion rings

Winter Pasta Salad28

also great for sharing! warm risoni pasta tossed w/ radicchio and silverbeet, sumac roasted carrots and herb roasted tomato. topped w/ toasted walnuts, freshly torn buffalo mozzarella and a lemon & garlic dressing.
v, vegan option, df option

Dogwood ‘Catch Of The Day’40

180g market fresh fillet of fish on a bed of american-style ratatouille w/ tomato, zucchini, onion and roasted red peppers. topped w/ crispy fried kale, enoki mushrooms & a charred lemon.
coeliac option, gf, df

Buffalo Tofu Dinner30

5 silky tofu bites rolled in tortilla flour & panko, then coated in buffalo wing sauce and served w/ blue cheese dressing, a cornbread muffin & your choice of fries or onion rings

Grilled Rutabaga 23

three slices of grilled lemon & thyme seasoned swede on sweet potato polenta w/ seasonal greens, blistered cherry truss tomatoes & a charred lemon wedge
v, vegan option, coeliac safe
vegan option: swap polenta for chefs selection of veg


Dogwood Steakhouse

from our smoker and woodfired grill, all finished over ironbark and coals

Ranch Hand Brisket36

Grain Fed, Marble Score 4+
smoked and 12hr slow roasted beef brisket, sliced & finished over coals w/ a whiskey glaze. served w/ slow cooked campfire pork n’ beans, texas toast, fresh fava beans & a side of sour cream
coeliac option, gf option

Santa Maria Tri-Tip ( 300g ) 38

Grain Fed, Marble Score 4+
a firmer but robustly flavoured cut from the rump, popularized in santa maria, california, basted with garlic, pepper and rosemary. served w/ a herb salt, home fries, mushroom ketchup & sautéed mixed greens
coeliac option, gf option

New York Strip Porterhouse (350g)45

100% Highland Grass Fed
the king of steaks, and the Dogwood original! our porterhouse steaks are carved from a whole strip loin and dry rubbed in our secret Dogwood seasoning - smoked with mesquite then reverse seared. served w/ a salsa verde, home fries, mushroom ketchup & sautéed mixed greens

coeliac option, gf option

Prime Rib (450g)60

100% Highland Grass Fed
peak Dogwood decadence! a 450g steak cut from an entire herb crusted prime rib roast, finished w/ a beautiful dark roasted confit garlic butter blowtorched on top. served w/ home fries, mushroom ketchup & sautéed mixed greens
coeliac option, gf option

Cowboy Steak (700g)95

Dogwood’s specialty of the house. locally sourced grass-fed yearling rib eye on the bone - dry rubbed in our Dogwood seasoning, mesquite smoked & reverse seared on the woodfire grill. served with charred greens, seeded mustard & vintage cheddar mash, and a maple bacon jus - made from scratch with marrow bones.

(limited availability per week - to reserve your serve, let our staff know when booking!)

coeliac safe option

A Little Extra...

Cornbread Muffins (3 pcs) 10

w/ dill pickles & whipped maple butter
coeliac safe, v

Steakhouse Fries 9

w/ Dogwood ketchup & honey mustard
gf*, v, df option

Texas Toast (2 slices)9

thick cut BBQ bread with garlic butter

Crispy Onion Rings 12

w/ Dogwood ketchup & honey mustard
v, df option

Creamy Dogwood Slaw9

creamy Dogwood slaw w/ mixed cabbage & carrot, buttermilk and aioli
coeliac safe, v,

Mac 'n' Cheese12

w/ 3-cheese sauce, panko crumbs & chives

The Mac Daddy!20

larger size, plus bacon chips & spring onion
v option


Banana Cream Pie14

a shortcrust base filled w/ banana custard & dolce de leche, topped w/ sweet cream & toffee banana served 'a la mode' with vanilla ice-cream on a shortbread crumb

JD Pecan Pie15

a warm jack daniel’s infused pecan pie in a shortcrust pastry shell, served w/ sweet cream & a scoop of house made coffee ice-cream


Soft-Serve New York Cheesecake14

whipped cream cheese, natural yoghurt and mascarpone, layered in a glass w/ ginger crumb & tangy lemon/lime curd
coeliac safe, v

Liquid Dessert

French Toast Espresso20

jack daniel’s, banana liqueur, kahlua and maple syrup, shaken with batch brewed coffee from our friends at Moubar Vintage! garnished with crushed candied walnuts

Baked Apple Highball16

bison grass vodka with cloudy apple, fresh lime and an aromatic spiced syrup - tastes just like the real thing!

Cheesecake Fizz18

spiced vanilla liqueur, fresh lemon and a touch of ginger marmalade, shaken like a sour w/ egg white and fizzed with sparkling wine. as decadent as the biggest of slices!

Bringing your own cake? A $4 per person cakeage fee applies. We'll supply plates, a knife, napkins and safe storage of your cake while we serve your dinner.

gf* - This indicates an item that doesn't have any added gluten however has either been cooked in the same fryer oil as other gluten items, or may contain trace elements of gluten.

coeliac safe - This indicates a dish that is totally free from all trace elements of gluten.

v - Vegetarian (Strictly non-meat. May contain eggs, milk, butter or other non-meat animal products).

df - Dairy free

option - This means we need to change something about the dish, so make sure you let us know if you'd like the dietary specific option.