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Draught Beer

(16 oz. American Pint)

Dog Day AfternoonSession Lager
(Dogwood, BX) 3.5%$10
Our very own easy drinking mid-strength w/ a beautiful caramel malt backbone

Pabst Blue Ribbon - Lager
(Milwaukee, WI) 4.6%
Classic, crisp American lager w/ a light, fresh Pilsner-style bitterness to finish

Cosmo Brewing - Naturally Balanced Beer!
 (Bathurst, NSW)

Valley Gold 3.9%  $12
Refreshing and bright Golden Ale with gooseberry and white wine notes from the NZ hops

Sour House 4.5%$12
A kettle soured Wheat Beer with a crisp snappy tang and a great lemon curd-like mouthfeel

Dark Matter 4.9%$12
Velvety, full bodied but sessionable English-style Porter with notes of coffee and caramello chocolate

Packaged Beer

Pabst 'Blue Ribbon' Pale Lager $9
Alesmith ‘Spezial’ Pilsner $10
Anchor ‘Steam’ California Common $10

Sierra Nevada 'Otra Vez' Gose $10 
Anderson Valley ‘GT’ Gose $11
Oskar Blues ‘Fugli’ Yuzu/Ugli Fruit IPA $11
Golden Road ‘Key Lime’ Citrus Saison $11

Goose Island ‘Midway’ Session IPA $10
Kona ‘Hanalei’ Island IPA $10
Sierra Nevada ‘Hop Hunter’ IPA $12
Anderson Valley 'Hop Ottin' IPA $13
Rogue Farms ‘7 Hop’ 650mL Imp. IPA $16

Deschutes ‘Black Butte’ Porter $12
Lost Coast ‘8-Ball’ Oatmeal Stout $12
Rogue ‘Hazelnut Nectar’ Brown Ale $15
Knee Deep 'Tanilla' Imperial Porter $35
Alesmith ‘Speedway’ Imp Coffee Stout $35

Apple Cider / Alcoholic Ginger Beer also available - $10    


DW Home-Town Sparkling Brut$10/$40
Innocent Bystander Sparkling Moscato (VIC) 275mL $18

DW Home-Town Chardonnay $10/$40
DW Home-Town Sauvignon Blanc $10/$40
di Renzo Murnang (Bathurst) $65
Tamburlaine Organic Pinot Gris (Orange) $65
Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, NZ) $70

La Planchelière Cabernet d’Anjou Rose (France) $13/$60

DW Home-Town Merlot $10/$40
DW Home-Town Shiraz $10/$40
di Renzo 2022 Cabernet Sauvignon/Franc (Bathurst)$13/$60
Logan Weemala 2021 Pinot Noir (Orange) $65
di Renzo 2022 Chilled Nuovo (Bathurst) $70
Renzaglia 2022 Sangiovese (Bathurst) $90
Renzaglia 2022 Tempranillo Graciano (Bathurst) $90
"Bella Luna" 2021 Cabernet/Merlot by Renzaglia (Bathurst) $120
"Mt Panorama Estate" 2016 Shiraz by Renzaglia (Bathurst) $130

Take Her Easy

make it dirty - add a single shot to any mocktail for an extra $6.


R.E.S.P.E.C.(Tea) $10
our house-made peach sweet tea, served with lemon & berries
Aretha would be proud!


Elderflower Smash $12
elderflower cordial, cloudy apple, lime w/ fresh mint & cucumber - as refreshing as they come!


Shirley Temple $10
dry ginger, orange juice & raspberry - liquid reminiscence, and still just as delicious as when you were a rugrat!


Grapefruit Limeade $12
made to order with pink grapefruit, fresh lime juice and soda. zippy and fresh, this baby is guaranteed to quench that thirst!


DW Virgin Mary $14
tomato juice, lemon, DW mary mix, creole spice, hot sauce - and kinda self-explanatory, right?


Looking for something specific? Let us know!


(long, tall and easy drinking)


Kentucky Buck $18
tall, fizzy & an old fav. strawberry shortcake never tasted so good…
whiskey, strawberry, lemon & ginger beer


What-Not Highball $17
it's gin, vermouth, fresh orange & what-not... i can't believe it's not pimms!
w/ pink grapefruit, vanilla, cucumber & soda


Lynchburg Lemonade $18
those lemonade stand kids would be millionaires if theirs was this delicious!
J.D, orange liqueur, fresh lemon, soda


...Two to Mango $20
a creamy, tropical delight, like the weis bar of your grown-up dreams!
white & spiced rum, orange liqueur, mango nectar, coconut cream & fresh lime


Key Lime Cooler $18
a long island iced tea on holiday in the florida keys. zesty!
rum, orange liqueur, spiced lime, cola


Tatanka $16
poland's (and the world's) first flavoured vodka - time to party like it's 1399!
bison grass vodka, vanilla, cloudy apple, lime

Wet Your Whistle

(perfect any time from breakfast onwards)


DW Bloody Mary $20
the ultimate hair of the dog(wood), or just to put a pep in your step!
vodka, tomato, lemon, DW mary mix, house creole spice, hot sauce


Hoodoo! $20
tastes so good it'll put a hoodoo on a voodoo man!
american whiskey, aperol, fresh lemon, passionfruit and a vanilla & black pepper tincture


The Perfect Lady $20
perfectly poised, but sassy as hell!
a princess with a potty mouth
gin, peach, lemon & a touch of vermouth


Dogwood Espresso Martini $20
just the way they like ‘em in sunny downtown Dogwood
your choice of jack daniels or vodka, with kahlua, maple syrup & batch brewed coffee


New York Sour $20
a light, fluffy rye whiskey sour, with a ‘claret snap’ of red wine to float. how ‘bout dat?


Corpse Reviver No. 2 $20
Evan’s all time favourite. ‘nuff said
gin, lillet, lemon, orange liqueur & a whisper of absinthe

It’s Business Time...


The 'Old Fashioned' Cocktail $22
one of the all-time greats - simple, refined and utterly, utterly delicious
Old Forester Straight Bourbon, bitters & sugar with a twist of orange peel


NY Sazerac $22
the 1800’s new orleans classic that is an absolute must try!
rye whiskey, bourbon, peychauds bitters, sugar & an absinthe rinse with a twist of lemon peel

Soda Pop

Full Cans:

Dr Pepper $7.50
A&W Root Beer$7.50
Coca Cola $5
Coke No Sugar$5

From the Soda Fountain:

Raspberry Cream Soda
Orange Cream Soda
Brown Vanilla Cream SodaAll $4
Lemon, Lime & Bitters
Ginger Beer

Cloudy Apple or Orange Juice$4

How 'bout making it a float?
Add a scoop of creamy vanilla ice-cream for $2.50