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Draught Beer

(16 oz. American Pint)

Dog Day AfternoonSession Lager
(Dogwood, BX) 3.5%$10
Our very own easy drinking mid-strength w/ a beautiful caramel malt backbone

Pabst Blue Ribbon - Lager
(Milwaukee, WI) 4.6%
Classic, crisp American lager w/ a light, fresh Pilsner-style bitterness to finish

Cosmo Brewing - Naturally Balanced Beer!
 (Bathurst, NSW)

Valley Gold 3.5%  $12
Refreshing and bright Golden Ale with gooseberry and white wine notes from the NZ hops

Harvest IPA 5.8% $14
Limited release brewed with Cosmo’s very own fresh hops grown locally. Medium pine needle bitterness w/ hints of creamy rockmelon, pineapple and citrus.

Dark Matter 4.9%$12
Velvety, full bodied but sessionable English-style Porter with notes of coffee and caramello chocolate

Packaged Beer

Pabst 'Blue Ribbon' Pale Lager $9
Alesmith ‘Spezial’ Pilsner $10
Anchor ‘Steam’ California Common $10

Sierra Nevada 'Otra Vez' Gose $10 
Anderson Valley ‘GT’ Gose $11
Oskar Blues ‘Fugli’ Yuzu/Ugli Fruit IPA $11
Golden Road ‘Key Lime’ Citrus Saison $11

Goose Island ‘Midway’ Session IPA $10
Kona ‘Hanalei’ Island IPA $10
Sierra Nevada ‘Hop Hunter’ IPA $12
Anderson Valley 'Hop Ottin' IPA $13
Rogue Farms ‘7 Hop’ 650mL Imp. IPA $16

Deschutes ‘Black Butte’ Porter $12
Lost Coast ‘8-Ball’ Oatmeal Stout $12
Rogue ‘Hazelnut Nectar’ Brown Ale $15
Knee Deep 'Tanilla' Imperial Porter $35
Alesmith ‘Speedway’ Imp Coffee Stout $35

Apple Cider / Alcoholic Ginger Beer also available - $10    


DW Home-Town Sparkling Brut$10/$40
Innocent Bystander Sparkling Moscato (VIC) 275mL $18

DW Home-Town Chardonnay $10/$40
DW Home-Town Sauvignon Blanc $10/$40
di Renzo Murnang (Bathurst) $65
Tamburlaine Organic Pinot Gris (Orange) $65
Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, NZ) $70

La Planchelière Cabernet d’Anjou Rose (France) $13/$60

DW Home-Town Merlot $10/$40
DW Home-Town Shiraz $10/$40
di Renzo 2022 Cabernet Sauvignon/Franc (Bathurst)$13/$60
Logan Weemala 2021 Pinot Noir (Orange) $65
di Renzo 2022 Chilled Nuovo (Bathurst) $70
Renzaglia 2022 Sangiovese (Bathurst) $90
Renzaglia 2022 Tempranillo Graciano (Bathurst) $90
"Bella Luna" 2021 Cabernet/Merlot by Renzaglia (Bathurst) $120
"Mt Panorama Estate" 2016 Shiraz by Renzaglia (Bathurst) $130

Take Her Easy

make it dirty - add a single shot to any mocktail for an extra $6.


R.E.S.P.E.C.(Tea) $10
our house-made peach sweet tea, served with lemon & berries
Aretha would be proud!


Elderflower Smash $12
elderflower cordial, cloudy apple, lime w/ fresh mint & cucumber - as refreshing as they come!


Shirley Temple $10
dry ginger, orange juice & raspberry - liquid reminiscence, and still just as delicious as when you were a rugrat!


Grapefruit Limeade $12
made to order with pink grapefruit, fresh lime juice and soda. zippy and fresh, this baby is guaranteed to quench that thirst!


DW Virgin Mary $14
tomato juice, lemon, DW mary mix, creole spice, hot sauce - and kinda self-explanatory, right?


Looking for something specific? Let us know!

Mulled Wine  $14
Our famous cocktail-style mulled wine is back for the season! Made with beautiful local Panorama Honey, fresh fruits and own secret mix of spices and spiked with brandy, orange liqueur and muscat.


(long, tall and easy drinking)


Kentucky Buck $18
tall, fizzy & an old fav. strawberry shortcake never tasted so good…
whiskey, strawberry, lemon & ginger beer


What-Not Highball $17
it's gin, vermouth, fresh orange & what-not... i can't believe it's not pimms!
w/ pink grapefruit, vanilla, cucumber & soda


Lynchburg Lemonade $18
those lemonade stand kids would be millionaires if theirs was this delicious!
J.D, orange liqueur, fresh lemon, soda


...Two to Mango $20
a creamy, tropical delight, like the weis bar of your grown-up dreams!
white & spiced rum, orange liqueur, mango nectar, coconut cream & fresh lime


Key Lime Cooler $18
a long island iced tea on holiday in the florida keys. zesty!
rum, orange liqueur, spiced lime, cola


Tatanka $16
poland's (and the world's) first flavoured vodka - time to party like it's 1399!
bison grass vodka, vanilla, cloudy apple, lime

Wet Your Whistle

(perfect any time from breakfast onwards)


DW Bloody Mary $20
the ultimate hair of the dog(wood), or just to put a pep in your step!
vodka, tomato, lemon, DW mary mix, house creole spice, hot sauce


The Perfect Lady $20
perfectly poised, but sassy as hell!
a princess with a potty mouth
gin, peach, lemon & a touch of vermouth


Dogwood Espresso Martini $20
just the way they like ‘em in sunny downtown Dogwood
your choice of jack daniels or vodka, with kahlua, maple syrup & batch brewed coffee


New York Sour $20
a light, fluffy rye whiskey sour, with a ‘claret snap’ of red wine to float. how ‘bout dat?


Corpse Reviver No. 2 $20
Evan’s all time favourite. ‘nuff said
gin, lillet, lemon, orange liqueur & a whisper of absinthe

It’s Business Time...


The 'Old Fashioned' Cocktail $22
one of the all-time greats - simple, refined and utterly, utterly delicious
Old Forester Straight Bourbon, bitters & sugar with a twist of orange peel


NY Sazerac $22
the 1800’s new orleans classic that is an absolute must try!
rye whiskey, bourbon, peychauds bitters, sugar & an absinthe rinse with a twist of lemon peel

Soda Pop

Full Cans:

Dr Pepper $7.50
A&W Root Beer$7.50
Coca Cola $5
Coke No Sugar$5

From the Soda Fountain:

Raspberry Cream Soda
Orange Cream Soda
Brown Vanilla Cream SodaAll $4
Lemon, Lime & Bitters
Ginger Beer

Cloudy Apple or Orange Juice$4

How 'bout making it a float?
Add a scoop of creamy vanilla ice-cream for $2.50