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(long, tall and easy drinking)

Huckleberry Fizz$16

the perfect sipper for a long, hot southern day. best served lazily, with a fishing line
rye, blackberry, dry ginger, pomegranate


What-Not Highball$15

it’s gin, vermouth, fresh orange & what- not... i cant believe its not pimms!
w/ pink grapefruit, vanilla, cucumber & soda


Kentucky Buck$18

tall, fizzy & an old favourite. strawberry shortcake never tasted so good...
whiskey, strawberry, lemon & ginger beer

Lynchburg Lemonade$16

those lemonade stand kids would be millionaires if theirs was this delicious!
J.D, orange liqueur, fresh lemon, soda


Jersey Lightning $16

nothing says fresh quite like your drink literally being an apple 30 seconds ago
apple brandy, vanilla, spiced bitters & a granny smith

Champagne Punch$16

fresh, fizzy and f’n delicious! just like
classy bubblegum for grown-ups
rosé vermouth, strawberry, rhubarb bitters, citrus, sparkling

Key Lime Cooler$18

a long island ice tea on holiday in florida. zesty!
rum, orange liqueur, spiced lime, cola

Wet Your Whistle

... Two to Mango$20

a creamy, tropical delight, like the weis bar of your grown-up dreams!
white & spiced rum, orange liqueur, mango nectar, coconut cream & fresh lime


Perfect Lady$18

perfectly poised, but sassy as hell! a princess with a potty mouth
gin, peach, lemon & a touch of vermouth

Dogwood Espresso Martini$19

made just the way they like 'em in sunny downtown Dogwood
jack daniels , maple syrup, kahlua & cold drip coffee

New York Sour$19

a light, fluffy rye whiskey sour, with a ‘claret snap’ of red wine over the top. how ‘bout dat?

Corpse Reviver No.2$18

Evan’s all time favourite. ‘nuff said
gin, lillet, lemon, orange liqueur atomised with a whisper of absinthe

It's Business Time...

The ‘Old Fashioned’ Cocktail$20

one of the all-time greats - simple, refined and utterly, utterly delicious.
Old Forester Straight Bourbon, bitters & sugar with a twist of orange peel


French Quarter (Vieux Carre)$20

named after new orleans' oldest suburb, and a serious 'must try'
whiskey, cognac, sweet vermouth & benedictine, with peychaud's bitters


Take Her Easy

(non alcoholic)

R . E . S . P . E . C .(Tea) $7 . 5

our house-made peach sweet tea, served long with lemon & berries Aretha would be proud!

Elderflower Smash$10

elderflower cordial, cloudy apple, lime w/ fresh mint & cucumber - as refreshing as they come!

Shirley Temple$7 . 5

dry ginger, orange juice & raspberry - liquid reminiscence, and still just as delicious as when you were a rugrat!


Grapefruit Lime-ade$7 . 5

made to order with pink grapefruit, fresh lime juice and soda. zippy and fresh, this baby is guaranteed to quench that thirst!


Darling Clementine$10

fresh citrus chunks smashed up w/ mandarin syrup, vanilla & dark chocolate bitters, topped with soda. a tangerine dream!


Old Favourites...

Shine On... $17

a staff favourite blend of blackberry moonshine & whiskey, with a dash of this & that. have another, you crazy diamond...

Dogwood Blossom$19

as crisp and elegant as a spring morning
citron vodka, elderflower liqueur & white wine

Charlie Chaplin $18

sloe gin, apricot & lime – as entertaining as the man himself.


sloe gin, rum, pomegranate, apricot & lime - if a charlie chaplin isn't cheeky enough!


a blisteringly delicious forgotten gem - the manhattan's little sister
rye, dry vermouth, cherry, orange

Old Pal$20

rich and complex, but keeping it light –
like you’ve known it for years
whiskey, sweet & dry vermouth, campari


curing what ails you, since 1838
whiskey, cognac, absinthe, peychaud's

Corn 'n Oil$19

heavy and dark, but with the freshness of the carribean islands
dark rum, spiced lime syrup, bitters

Can't decide? Want something else?

Talk to the wait staff about what we can recommend.
Behind the bar you'll see Evan... Evan is a former Australian Bartender Of The Year and Melbourne Time Out Bartender Of The Year. He knows his stuff...

Tips for getting a recommendation:
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