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Hot Wings (1 lb.)$13

crispy fried & doused in the original buffalo wing sauce, served w/ blue cheese dressing & celery
gf on request

Buffalo Tofu$12

exactly like the wings, but for those who like chickens because they are fluffy

nm, gf


buttered & flame-grilled w/ our dogwood seasoning, plus coriander, lime & mexican cheese

v, gf, df on request

Old Bay Crab Dip$12

w/ saltine crackers & tabasco
a creamy blend of sweet crabmeat w/ classic louisiana seasoning & fresh herbs

gf on request

Black Eyed Peas Dip$10

w/ saltine crackers & tabasco
smooth & smoky black-eyed pea puree flavoured w/ lemons, paprika & chipotle

v, vg, df, gf on request

Dill-Pickle Grilled Chicken$10

skewers of brined chicken thigh fillets, flame-grilled to order & served w/ buttermilk ranch

gf, df on request

Chili Cheese Tater-Tots$15

crunchy bundles of fun, drowned in rich beef chili & our house cheese sauce. get ready to fight over ‘em!

gf, df on request

Veg chili cheese tots$13

because nobody puts taters in a corner – smothered in our delicious mixed bean chili

nm, gf, df on request

Seasoned Fries / Onion Rings$7 / $10

tossed in our secret seasoning, served w/ dogwood ketchup & honey mustard


Fix Yourself
A Plate

all served w/ char-grilled cornbread, dill pickles & your choice of one side:

Southern Fried Chicken Tenders$23

brined & soaked in buttermilk overnight, then seasoned & crispy fried. hot damn!

(Eastern) Carolina Pork BBQ $24

tender, hickory smoked pork shoulder, hand pulled w/ tangy nth carolina style bbq sauce

gf, df

Cajun Blackened Fish $25

red snapper fillet seasoned w/ our blackening mix for a spicy cajun fix


“Bowl ‘o Red” Texas-Style Chili $22 / $20

delicious beef or mixed bean chili w/ sour cream, crunchy tortilla strips & coriander

nm, gf, df on request, v on request, vg on request

Crunchy Fried Okra $20

tossed in our seasoned corn-meal, crispy fried & slapped with buttermilk ranch

nm, df on request


Lexington Style Red ‘Slaw$7

tangy & zippy coleslaw tossed w/ a tomato & cayenne based bbq dressing

v, vg, gf, df

Creamy Potato Salad$9

a rich creamy mix with loads of crunch from pickles, red onion, bell peppers & celery

v, gf, df

Broadbean Succotash$8

a rustic, earthy mix of broad beans, charred sweet-corn, onion & cherry tomato

v, gf, df

Braised Greens w/ Maple Bacon$10

slow cooked collard-style greens w/ cider vinegar, maple syrup, onion & streaky bacon


Mac & Cheese$10

don’t even pretend y’all aren’t going to order it


Burgers & Friends

all served w/ seasoned shoestring fries & dipping sauce
Classic & Deluxe burgers are also available w/ char-grilled mushroom instead – $16

Classic ¼ lb. Cheeseburger$16

1⁄4 pound beef patty w/ american cheese, fresh onion, dogwood ketchup, mustard & dill pickle
Double Down – demolish two 1/4 pounders for a paltry $22!

v on request

The Dogwood ‘Dog $18

we love a chili dog! an american style frank smothered in beef chili w/ pickle relish, mustard, onion & cheese
Not feeling saucy? A traditional Hotdog is a measly $15!

Whoa, Black Betty!$25

bam-ba-lam! double the beef, double the cheese, double the bacon – all crammed on a charcoal bun w/ char-grilled onions and jalapeño, aioli & dogwood bbq sauce

Dogwood Deluxe $20

1⁄4 pound beef patty plus lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese & streaky bacon, w/ aioli & dogwood ketchup

v on request

8” Buttermilk Chicken Sub$18

succulent fried chicken tenders w/ lettuce, pickled red onion & chipotle mayo

Gluten Free** – gf
Coeliac – c
Non meat* – nm
Dairy Free – df
Vegetarian – v
Vegan – vg

*While our non meat dishes contain no meat or animal stock, these are cooked in the same fryer oil as our meat dishes. Depending on how strict you are, some dishes are available as ‘non meat’ while others are strictly vegetarian or vegan.

**These dishes contain no gluten. They are however cooked in the same fryer oil as other dishes that do contain gluten. Depending on your sensitivity to Gluten or if you’re Coeliac we’d recommend grabbing one of our Coeliac marked dishes.

Make friends with salad

a lightly charred iceberg wedge fully loaded w/ crunchy tortilla strips & all the fixin’s. lather it in the dressing of your choice – blue cheese, chipotle mayo or buttermilk ranch

v, gf, df on request, vg on request

As it comes $12

W/ Cajun Blackened Fish $24

W/ Dill-Pickle Grilled Chicken $21

Dietary Info

We try to cater to a number of different dietary requirements to ensure our delicious food can be enjoyed by everyone.
If you’re not sure whether we can cater to your dietary requirements, please ask our friendly team.

Gluten Free** – gf
Non meat* – nm

*While our non meat dishes contain no meat or animal stock, these are cooked in the same fryer oil as our meat dishes. Depending on how strict you are, some dishes are available as ‘non meat’ while others are strictly vegetarian or vegan.

Dairy Free – df
Vegetarian – v
Vegan – vg

**These dishes don’t contain added gluten, BUT some dishes are cooked in the same fryer oil as other dishes that do contain gluten or include spices that ‘may contain traces of gluten’. Depending on your sensitivity to Gluten or if you’re Coeliac we’d love you to talk us about it and we’ll see what we can whip up!

Draught Beer
(16 oz. American Pint)

Coors American Lager 4.2 % Golden, CO $8
Blue Moon Belgian Wit Beer 5.4% Denver, CO $8.50
Victory ‘Prima’ Pilsner 5.3% Downingtown, PA $10
Brooklyn Lager 5.2% Brooklyn, NY $9
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 5.6% Chico, CA $9

Packaged Beer

Anchor ‘Steam’ California Common 4.9% San Francisco, CA $10
Sierra Nevada ‘Hop Hunter’ IPA 6.2% Chico, CA $10
Sierra Nevada ‘Otra Vez’ Cactus Grapefruit Gose 4.5% Chico, CA $10
Stone Brewing ‘Go To’ Session IPA 4.8% Escondido, CA $11
Sierra Nevada ‘Torpedo’ XIPA 7.2% Brooklyn, NY $11
Golden Road ‘Get Up Offa That’ Brown Ale 5% Los Angeles, CA $11
Rogue ‘Dead Guy’ Bock 6.5% Newport, OR $12
Golden Road ‘Key Lime’ Saison 5.8% Los Angeles, CA $12
Oskar Blues ‘Old Chub’ Scotch Ale 8% Longmont, CO $13
Heretic ‘Choc Hazelnut’ 650mL Porter 7% Fairfield, CA $25


D’wood Home-Town Brut Sparkling Barossa, SA $7 / $35
NV Baron Jacques Cremant de Bourgogne Burgundy, France $55

2016 Foster e Rocco Rosé Heathcote, VIC $10 / $45

D’wood Home-Town White Chardonnay Barossa, SA $7 / $32
2016 KT Watervale ‘5452’ Riesling Watervale, SA$10 / $45
2014 Underwood Pinot Gris Oregon, USA $11 / $50
2016 Domaine Naturaliste Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc Margaret River, WA $50
2016 TaiNui Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, NZ $35
2014 Silver Palm Chardonnay California, US$58

D’wood Home-Town Red Merlot Barossa, SA $7 / $32
2016 Save Our Souls Sangiovese Yarra Valley, VIC $10 / $48
2014 Two Cells Shiraz Beechworth, VIC $11 / $50
2014 Underwood Pinot Noir Oregon, USA $55
2013 Finca Munoz Tempranillo Catile & Leon, Spain $45
2012 Silver Palm Zinfandel California, USA $58

Take Her Easy

R.E.S.P.E.C .(Tea) $5
Aretha would be proud! our house sweet tea, served long with lemon and berries

Crimson & Clover $7.50
strawberry, cinnamon and coconut water. over and over

Elderflower Smash $7.50
lime, mint, cucumber & elderflower – as refreshing
as they come!

The Big Apple $7.50
apple ‘n spice & all things nice, so good someone might steal it off the window sill

A Little Cheeky

Americano $14
campari & sweet vermouth highball it’s drinkin’
like its WW2 !

Dogwood Root & Rye $12
‘murican whiskey & root beer…
trust us, it’s real good ya’ll

Champagne Punch $15
strawberry infused lillet rosé and
fresh citrus, topped w bubbles

Charlie Chaplin / Millionaire $16 / $18
sloe gin, apricot & lime – as entertaining as the man himself. add rum if the little tramp isn’t cheeky enough!

Jersey Lightning $12
applejack w/ vanilla & whiskey barrel bitters, plus a granny smith fresh pressed to order

Wet Your Whistle

Aviation $16
the wright brothers first flew at Kitty Hawk, NC
drink one of the sky blue numbers in their honour!
gin, lemon, marashino, violette

Corpse Reviver No. 2 $16
Evan’s all time favourite. ‘nuff said
gin, lillet, lemon, orange liqueur & a whisper of absinthe

Cosmopolitan $17
we know y’all know this one, but wait ‘til you try ours!

Scofflaw $16
dedicated to all those brave men & women who cheekily drank
their way through prohibition!
whiskey, vermouth, pomegranate, lemon, orange bitters

New York Sour $17
a light, fluffy rye whiskey sour, with a ‘claret snap’ of
red wine to float. how ‘bout dat?

Kentucky Buck $17
basically a deliciously spicy strawberry shortcake on crack!
whiskey, strawberry, lemon & ginger beer

Algonquin $17
it’s a round table discussion on the topic of flavour!
whiskey, pineapple, dry vermouth & a touch of sugar

It’s Business Time…

Brooklyn $20
a blisteringly delicious forgotten gem
rye, dry vermouth, cherry & orange

Manhattan $18
classic simplicity at its finest.
bourbon, sweet vermouth & bitters

Japanese Cocktail $18
as elegant & velvety as they come
cognac, spiced almond & bitters

Red Right Hand $21
dark & rich, brooding & bitter,
but with a hidden sweet side
scotch, vermouth, campari, apricot

Sazerac $19
curing what ails you, since 1838
whiskey, cognac, absinthe, peychauds

Corn ‘n Oil $17
heavy and dark, but with the
freshness of the carribean islands
dark rum, spiced lime syrup, bitters

Dessert Cocktails

Dogwood Espresso Martini $18
just the way they like ‘em in sunny downtown Dogwood jack daniels , maple syrup & cold drip


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