Friday Lunch Menu

Takeaway available!
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Buffalo Wings (1 lb.)$13

crispy fried & doused in the original buffalo wing sauce, served w/ blue cheese dressing & celery
gf on request

Chili Cheese Tater-Tots$16

crunchy bundles of fun, drowned in rich beef chili & our house cheese sauce. get ready to fight over ‘em!

gf, v & df on request

Seasoned Onion Rings$10

tossed in our secret seasoning, served w/ dogwood ketchup & honey mustard

v, gf, df

Burgers & Friends

all served w/ seasoned shoestring fries & dipping sauce

The Dogwood ‘Dog $18

we love a chili dog! an american style frank smothered in beef chili w/ pickle relish, mustard, onion & cheese

Dogwood Deluxe$20

1⁄4 pound beef patty plus lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese & streaky bacon, w/ aioli & dogwood ketchup

gf on request

Whoa, Black Betty!$25

bam-ba-lam! double the beef, double the cheese, double the bacon – all crammed on a charcoal bun w/ char-grilled onions and jalapeño, aioli & dogwood bbq sauce

gf on request

Pulled Pork Sandwich$20

tender hickory smoked pork shoulder dressed in our own dogwood bbq sauce, slathered w/ a creamy apple & fennel ‘slaw

gf on request

Slow ‘n’ Low Sandwich$20

slow braised root-beer beef on a brioche bun w/ sharp cheddar & tangy lexington style red ‘slaw

gf on request

Prawn Po’Boy$22

the louisiana classic! crunchy friend cornmeal beer battered prawns on a long roll w/ lettuce, tomato & a hot sauce remoulade

Dietary Info

We try to cater to a number of different dietary requirements to ensure our delicious food can be enjoyed by everyone.
If you’re not sure whether we can cater to your dietary requirements, please ask our friendly team.

Gluten Free** – gf
Coeliac – c

**These dishes don’t contain added gluten, BUT some dishes are cooked in the same fryer oil as other dishes that do contain gluten or include spices that ‘may contain traces of gluten’. Coeliac dishes on the other hand are completely free of all traces of gluten.

Dairy Free – df
Vegetarian* – v
Vegan – vg

*While our vegetarian dishes contain no meat or animal stock, these are cooked in the same fryer oil as our meat dishes. Depending on how strict you are, some dishes are available as ‘vegetarian’ while others are available as vegan (not cooked in the same fryer oil as meat dishes).